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Open Heart Surgery Operations

Cardiac Catheterization and intervention (PTCA, Stent)

Permanent Pacemaker Insertion

A One-Stop holistic cardiac care facility in Nigeria with a team of world-leading cardiovascular health experts: focused on the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases nationwide, using a patient cantered approach. Our tracks include collaborations with Babcock University Teaching Hospital, University College Hospital, Ibadan and Aminu Kano University Hospital.


Reasons You Should Take a Walk Today

1. Walking reduces stress and cheers you up If you’ve ever gone out for a walk in a huff and come back more calm and collected, you know firsthand that walking can help reduce your response to a stressful event. 2. Regular walking lowers blood pressure, improves sleep...

Walking Your Way to Better Health

Walking is one of the easiest and best activities for losing weight and staying fit. To get the most benefit, some organizations recommend that you aim to take 10,000 steps per day. It’s certainly a great goal to strive for. This magic number of steps is the...

Heart Disease & Pregnancy

Changes to the heart and blood vessels during pregnancy During pregnancy, changes occur to the heart and blood vessels. These changes put extra stress on a woman’s body and require the heart to work harder. The following changes are normal during pregnancy. They help...