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On behalf of our Tristate family, I welcome you to our website!

As you go through our website, I hope that the information it contains help you get familiar with Tristate Healthcare system. TRISTATE HEALTHCARE SYSTEM is a conglomeration of world class super specialty Healthcare providers born out of a compassionate move to provide our patients with affordable, accessible, compassionate and exceptional care in a serene, learning and research environment.

Our journey began during a medical mission to Nigeria in 2013 during which we discovered prevalence of heart disease and absence of skilled workers and equipment to tackle the menace, thus our premier institution: Tristate Cardiovascular Associates was birthed in 2014. Ours is a story of Aspiration, Determination and Sacrifice to rekindle hope and change the face of healthcare practice in Africa.

Our aspiration is to establish efficient and highly sustainable centres of excellence for healthcare delivery in Africa. This we hope to achieve by continually raising the bar in the provision of exceptional and compassionate care to our patients.

Secondly our focus is to improve quality of healthcare services by training clinicians in super-specialty areas and bring their skill to the level of Developed world standard and lastly we aspire to excel in cutting edge bio-medical research and tackle diseases that badly affect people of African descent.

We are strongly determined to succeed against all odds because quality healthcare is a fundamental right of all beings. The determination calls for sacrifice on the part of all our stakeholders; the promoters of Tristate have demonstrated this beyond reasonable doubt. Having practiced in the United States of America and risen to the highest level of our career, we left our comfort zone to relocate to Nigeria, lost most of the properties we have worked hard for and subject our families to emotional turmoil as a result of the uncertainties. We did this because no amount of sacrifice is too much to save the motherland and bring quality care to Nigeria.

Our signature program: Tristate Heart and Vascular is currently the beacon of hope and important destination of care for patients and family in the prevention of cardiac sudden death and treatment of congenital heart diseases.

Our Primary objective and assurance is to give world class healthcare to our patients and to exceed the expectations of both our patients, their families and the general public.

Our member firms have dedicated themselves to the highest standards of clinical practices while ensuring that patients are at the centre of everything we do. Our highly skilled and disciplined staff members are committed to the highest tenets of care. Our environment has been structured to ensure a sense of security and serenity. It is therefore our promise to ensure that we create a very convenient environment for you or your loved one anytime you use our services. Highly skilled physicians have partnered with us over the years to create exceptional clinical outcomes, Despite being the President of THS, it amazes me when I see the level of dedication and care the professionals put into ensuring that patients get the best care. It is amazing what is happening here and we hope to continue on this trajectory.

Once again, welcome to Tristate.

Prof. Kamar Adeleke


Tristate Healthcare System