The Inaugural Adult and Pediatric Cardiac Cath Conference

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February 20, 2021
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The Inaugural Adult and Pediatric Cardiac Cath Conference

Babcock Tristate Heart and Vascular Centre has commenced the inaugural adult and pediatric cardiac cath conferences on Monday 15/02/2021 from 4 pm – 6 pm.

This is in line with the spirit of providing excellent cardiac medical services for our patients. At the conference, various experts discuss how to best care for our various and diverse patients.

The inaugural adult and pediatric cardiac cath conference had in attendance the entire cardiac team, including Professor Kamar Adeleke the CEO of Tristate, who is an adult interventional cardiologist.

Also in attendance was Professor Ndidi Musa an experienced pediatric cardiac intensivist at children’s Hospital in Seattle Washington in the USA and Professor Tim Mcquim, a very experienced pediatric cardiologist also based in Seattle Washington.

Their contribution was invaluable. The conference was enabled by Zoom connection and since then there have been requests by other specialists from the United States of America to attend this conference.

We are committed to the best care for the heart from our Heart.

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  1. Ojo Abiola says:

    Good evening, is there a way to follow the conference lectures online.

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