Can I contact Covid after getting the Covid-19 vaccine?

Can I contact Covid after getting the Covid-19 vaccine?

Although the chance of getting COVID is low, people who have been vaccinated can still get it. Their symptoms may be milder, but they can still spread the virus.

Protection is the aim of vaccinations and not perfection, the new strain nevertheless introduces several unknowns, and the bottom line is that the people who have been vaccinated can pass the virus on to others.

So, even if you’ve been vaccinated, things can still be difficult.

The currently available vaccinations produced worldwide are extremely safe and reliable, and certified ok by WHO

Immunity is our ticket to a better future, and vaccination is our way back to normalcy, which would not happen before the overwhelming majority of the population has been vaccinated or has gained immunity to COVID 19.

Masks, hand washing, and social distancing are all part of a comprehensive solution to this global pandemic that has taken millions of lives.

The emergence of new variants of the Covid-19 virus raises questions about the vaccines’ effectiveness and their ability to withstand the new strains.

Even though you’ve been vaccinated, being vigilant for your own safety and that of others is still the safest course of action.

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