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Tristate Healthcare System is a conglomeration of best-in-class super-specialty healthcare providers who are uniquely united by the mission to provide Affordable, Accessible and Compassionate Healthcare Services.

What began as a medical mission to Nigeria by a Group of Healthcare practitioners from Europe and America led by Prof Kamar Adeleke is inspired by the establishment and relocation of Tristate Cardiovascular associate from America to Nigeria in 2014.

During the mission, a random cardiac assessment among some of the patients treated shows a prevalence of heart diseases among Nigerians. Highly disturbing is also the fact that there are no skills set or facilities to tackle the menace.

Moved by the challenges, Tristate was birthed in Nigeria in 2014 by Prof Kamar Adeleke for the provision of advanced cardiovascular services.

Tristate has since then been on a relentless path to provide sustainable best-in-class health services that are affordable and accessible by the people.

Currently, we operate in three states of the art facilities in the South West region of Nigeria; Lagos, Ogun and Oyo. Today, Tristate cardiac program remains the foremost cardiac centre and the only one-stop cardiac centre in Nigeria that open 24/7 rendering services from non-invasive cardiovascular services to highly complex invasive services.

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