In the midst of despair, uncertainties, and other complex challenges, the vision for a private initiative to revamp the Nigerian Healthcare industry is on the move.  Reddy,  a 35-year-old Indian citizen resident in Nigeria left Ibadan for Lagos on Monday 7th Jun 2021.  However,  before leaving Ibadan, he had a cough and some abdominal pain, by the time he got to Lagos his health condition had worsened. He was rushed to the recently opened state-of-the-art facility hospital: Evercare, Lekki, Lagos where he was started on an ulcer treatment pending the outcome of the result of the Cath scan. The Cath Scan result revealed he had aortic dissection; the rupture of the blood vessel that drains the blood from the heart, a total rupture of the whole heart vessel. Surviving this is very uncommon!

Evercare, understanding the power of collaboration and the value of human life, referred the patient to Tristate Heart and Vascular Centre, Babcock University.

He was wheeled into the surgery room around 4:30 pm for an open-heart surgical procedure; operated by Tristate lead cardiothoracic surgeon; Dr. Michael Sanusi and his team. Due to the dire need and complexity of the situation, the surgery took 11hours. The surgery was completed successfully around 3.30 am. By 7:30 am, he was extubated, by afternoon he could take fluid and sit. This is a clear demonstration of the power of collaboration in saving lives. Kudos to our team for another feat. Surviving the episode before the surgery was a miracle. Reddy, you are indeed a miracle. Most of the time, when such instances happen to a patient outside the hospital environment; 99% will die before they get to the hospital.

We at Tristatehealthcarecentre feel great when we save lives, when our people do not have to die needlessly, with over 400 open heart surgeries done, we keep the vision aflame.

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